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In Response to CNN's Elizabeth Cohen's rant on vaccines and autism, CDC whistle blower news, William Thompson and the blatant disregard of our children. -A Mother’s Description of Watching Her Son Slide into Autism After Vaccine…and She Wants Her Son Back – Gaia Health: http://therefusers.com/refusers-newsroom/a-mother’s-description-of-watching-her-son-slide-into-autism-after-vaccine…and-she-wants-her-son-back-gaia-health/#.VANlsvldX3s -Aydan's Road to Recovery: http://aydansrecovery.blogspot.com/ -Hear This Well: VACCINES DO CAUSE AUTISM: http://vaxtruth.org/2014/09/hear-this-well-vaccines-do-cause-autism/ -CDC Whistleblower Audio With Brian Hooker, Ph.D.: http://sgtreport.com/2014/08/cdc-whistleblower-audio-with-brian-hooker-ph-d/ Truther Talk: http://truthertalk.com/

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Birthing in America, Part 1: Setting the Stage for Autism!

As a mother of 3, you could say I have some experience giving birth. Each one was their own unique experience and I mean that sincerely, not in a new agey 'you're a unique snowflake' sort of way. The first two were done the birthing in America fashion by which I mean the OB/GYN, pee on stick, step on the scale and cry.. My oldest son, now 11 was pretty much a standard pregnancy. Being my first I didn't know what to expect, so I read 'the book'.. yes that one, 'What to Expect, When You're Expecting.' You might say it was my bible at the time. I read it cover to cover, several times.. I can't remember if the book talks about midwives, I'm sure it did but that wasn't an option available to me, as when you birth in America, you realize quickly that you're not in charge of how you give birth; the insurance companies determine that and whether it be private or government instituted, THEY are in control.. not YOU! So I went to the insurance covered in network provider. I cried each time they put me on the scale, they told me I was too fat and gave me the following nutrition advice, 'don't drink juice anymore..' that's it. They sent me to do the ultrasound where I got the first picture of the baby and learned the sex, even though I didn't want to know. They injected me with needles that drew my blood and tested for things, most of which I never learned what or why, they had me strip down naked, where a paper dress and lie on a bed with my feet in stirrups, so that my vagina was as wide open and exposed as possible to make it easier for them to insert a hard cold metal object inside me. This allowed them to poke their fingers around the inside of my uterus.. shockingly.. even before I was pregnant I never enjoyed this practice, the doctors would always tell me I was 'too sensitive'. Yeah.. it's ME After I was about 3 days past my due date, they told me to plan an induction of labor. When I told them about how 'the book'... my bible said that induction wasn't necessary at this point they complied but unwillingly and sent me to receive more ultrasounds.. I was stressed.. I cried more... they had set up an induction on Friday that I declined and ultrasound on Monday which I accepted and later that evening, I went into labor.. NATURALLY.. my water broke in my bed the following morning. I know it's hard to believe but babies were born prior to the invention of pitocin (the serum used to induce labor in case you didn't know) and my son, Avery was one of those babies. I went to the hospital, had an epidural, delivered without complication, he was placed into a plastic bassinet with bright lights and strangers cleaning, examining, poking, prodding and eventually cutting of the tip of his winky. This is considered a 'normal'.. 'successful' even, birth in America.. How can that be, you ask? And how do I know? Because it gets worse.. much much worse, as I would find out the second time around. Two years after my oldest son was born, I would have another son. I went to the same in network provider, had pretty much the same experience except one of the doctors at the practice was no longer there, so the wait at the office went from about an hour to upwards of 2 hours per visit. I gained a little more weight the second time around, even though I was considered fat the first time, the second time was even worse. I wasn't offered any nutrition advice, though they tested me for diabetes twice, both times were negative. I never had an abnormal pap smear, I never had high blood pressure, aside from a little low iron, I had a normal, healthy pregnancy.. other than my unexplained fatness which would cause a panic throughout the office by about month 8 or 9.. In all honesty, I didn't gain that much weight but the size of my uterus was apparently an inch or so larger than it was supposed to be.. according to them. The solution to this problem was to induce labor, once again, even before my expected due date. I reminded the doctor of the 'book's' word and that it was not medically necessary at this time to do so, his response and I quote 'There's nothing worse than giving birth to a DEAD baby..' Honest to God that's what he said. I left the office that day a nervous wreck, crying uncontrollably while driving myself home. The doctor's solution was the same as before.. more ultrasounds.. of which I would end up having about 5-6, as opposed to the 2-3 the first time around. Each visit would require about a 2 hour wait in the office, often with my then 2 year old son in tow.. yeah.. fun! About 3 days after my due date, the doctor asked me to reconsider the induction.. I did and went to the hospital for a planned birth. The nurse examined me with the fun cold metal object and stuck her hand way up my uterus where she would declare that the baby had 'not dropped..' meaning that the baby hadn't dropped to my cervix yet. 'Why would the doctor plan an induction, when the baby hadn't dropped?' She would ask me.. I had no answer. Later she would ask the same of my doctor, declaring 'She's sky high!' Without looking at me or anyone in the room, he would quickly glance at my chart, hand it back to the nurse and state 'high blood pressure', as he walked out the room and down the hall. The nurse chasing the doctor down the hall with my chart in hand, I could hear screaming, 'there's no high blood pressure.. her blood pressure is fine..' Mind you at this point the nurse had already followed doctor's orders and hooked me up to an IV that delivered the pitocin causing me to go into full blown labor with contracting and all. A few minutes later in the middle of a contraction, the nurse would walk into the room and say the doctor ordered to stop the induction. She unhooked the IV, propped me up and sent me home. I would continue to have active contractions for the next several hours. It didn't feel good. By this time my mom was visiting, as I was supposed to have an induced labor and she would be around to help but there was no baby delivered yet. She watched my 2 year old while my husband and I went to do the next ordered ultra-sound. The ultra-sound tech or doctor or whatever he was, brought us into his office. He said, 'you're baby is around 10 pounds, you're too small to deliver it, you should have a C-section..' I was horribly terrified as I had read in "the book" about the unnecessary numbers of C-sections done in this country, of the complications and that any future children would all have to be delivered via C-section. I was certainly thinking I wanted more children and did not wish to have this surgery every time. My husband would calmly nod his head and turn to the ultra-sound dude (I believe that was his official title) and ask the following question, 'If she were your wife..' 'I don't have a wife', he interjected.. 'Okay, if she were your sister.. what would you advise her to do?' my husband continued.. 'If this were my sister, I would advise her to have the baby vaginally', WHAT? Then what the fuck, ultra-sound dude? Why? Why did you just tell me to have a C-section?? I came home from that visit in shambles, I went into the shower and suddenly had a feeling of panic. The baby in my uterus which had always been very active was not moving.. In my gut I felt the ultra-sounds were harmful but in my fear I proceeded with doctor's orders. I had no indication that this might be the case, 'the book' said they were safe.. I had asked these questions the first time around, 'were these things safe?' No one.. except maybe my husband, who seemed to be mistrusting of all medical procedures would say they might not be.. He then told me about the whales. Large sea mammals would beach themselves on shore and die when the navy conducted sonar testing in the ocean.. Sonar meaning sound.. ultrasounds?! Sound waves could kill a whale under water.. hmm.. I came out the shower not thinking of the whales but my own baby. He wasn't kicking.. 'he's different, he's not the same..' I said, crying in fear.. My mom and husband would come to console me with worried looks upon their faces. The baby kicked and my worries began to subside... sort of.. In the back of my mind I would always ponder.. should I have left the office during those 2 hour visits.. were so many ultra-sounds necessary.. what did they tell us anyway.. These questions were never spoken by me at the time and would eventually leave my head.. That is for several years, when they did in fact return. The next bit of advice from I don't remember who, was to go on a long walk... So my husband, my 2 year old, my mother and I, all went to the LA Zoo where we spent hours walking.. It was a nice spring day in April. The next day I was to go back to the hospital and try to induce labor again but a funny thing began to happen on the way to the hospital.. I started having contractions.. on my OWN! No pitocin, just a walk in the zoo and the baby was coming. We checked in, which was another long wait.. Then a very old man with a wheel chair pulled up. He was to take me to the deliver room.. We got into an elevator and went to one of the floors, it wasn't the right floor.. he looked confused. My husband said, "I know where to go, just let me take her.." "No, we can't do that.." said the old guy, "..it's against hospital policy.." In circles we went until about 30 minutes later we found the right floor and were directed to the right room.. the old guy had said that the building was being remodeled and he was confused.. yeah, we noticed. In the delivery room, I was put into another paper dress, where I would lie down on a bed with my feet in stirrups, more examinations by the nurse, another IV with a deliver of pitocin.. why more pitocin, given that I was already in active labor? To speed up the process of course.. The process was sped, I was about 9 cm dilated.. The anesthesiologist came in to deliver the epidural. He had me sit up as he attempted to give me a spinal tap.. In active labor and excruciating pain, I would attempt to sit still for over an hour.. 'I have a strange spine', he would say.. Again.. I'm defective.. It's never a failure of the system, incompetence or an unnecessary procedures.. no.. it's always YOU.. or in this case.. ME! After a little over an hour and several stabs into my back (I think we counted 20 or so by the marks left behind), I said 'no.. I'm done...' I sent the anesthesiologist away and decided to do it without pain killers. The nurse felt for me and gave me a little codeine for the pain and a little valium for the stress (I think, I can't fully remember, she gave me something). Then the doctor finally enters the room, he walks over to me without a word, without a look, without an anything and as if he is Moses himself, parting the Red Sea, he sticks his hand up my vagina and breaks my water.. he then leaves the room. I look to my husband and ask, 'did he just break my water?' 'Yes' and that was it for the next several hours. The nurse and my husband would act as the birthing coaches until the last crucial minutes when the doctor, whom I lovingly now refer to as 'Dr. GodComplex' would re-enter to instruct me what to do.. I don't remember what he said.. My husband would try to assist to which Dr. GodComplex would instruct him to 'shut up or he'd be kicked out of the room'. Eventually the nurse would come around to whisper in my ear, 'push really hard.. a C-section requires a spinal tap and you don't want to have to go through that again..' Oh yeah.. the anesthesiologist.. the 20 holes in back.. NO.. I certainly didn't and I pushed... pushed and pushed more until that 9 pound 9 ounce big boy finally emerged. I was exhausted! They took him from me immediately and did the plastic bassinet with the lights and the strangers and the eventual clip of the winky.. I was sent to the recovery room to sleep. When I awoke there was no one there.. My mom was back at the house with the two year old, I didn't know where my husband was and there was no baby. I called the nurse to find out what was going on.. 'let me find out..' Around the clock different nurses would enter the room. In an increasing panic, I would ask where the baby was.. 'let me find out..' I could barely walk, so running down the hall was not an option.. all I could do was keep calling.. Eventually, 6 hours later, the nurse would emerge with baby in tow.. 'we pricked his foot and his blood sugar was low, so we gave him some formula,' she tells me.. 'But I instructed no formula, as I'm planning to breastfeed,' I answer back to which I receive no reply... 'Well I guess if you had to...' I continued a little disappointed to not be my son's first feeding experience but I'd manage, it would be okay.. The next day everyone was there.. In laws, mother, 2 year old and husband.. I would tell the story about the 6 hour wait and the formula. My husband looking over my medical chart turns to me with a confused look, 'it doesn't say his blood sugar is low..' No? What does it say? 'It says they couldn't find YOU..' Oh right.. remember the old guy who didn't know where to go because the building had been remodeled? '..they couldn't find you, so they gave the baby formula because he was hungry..' Angry my husband continues.. 'if you can't breastfeed him, it will be their fault..' Nervous but not too nervous, as I had just come off of a successful breastfeeding run for the past two years.. I could do it again, I thought and I did.. We did! He had a little trouble latching on the first few days but the milk came in and we managed to recover from our birthing in America experience.. Later after the vaccines took my son, Aydan, my second born, into a world called autism, I would think back to these early memories. The mainstream and even alternative medicine world will claim 'its a combination of genetics and environment, that cause autism'.. Hmm.. saying vaccine induced autism is a combination of genetics and environment is a bit like saying the fall-out victims at Chernobyl who got cancer were 'genetically pre-disposed to cancer'.. I mean not everyone exposed to fall-out got cancer... right? (If you don't understand that comment than you haven't looked into vaccines, I suggest you do that now). So these constant misleading and often ridiculous arguments about genetics would leave me feeling numb.. it's always YOU.. and in this case ME.. Which of course it was me but not my faulty genetics. It was me that felt in my ignorance and fear to forgo my internal instinct to put trust.. or not trust even, more like compliance into a system that did not, would not and will not care about me.. or my son... A system that does not respect or even understand, the life saving, natural, birthing and bonding process... A system comprised of a band of rapist who will tell you, you are 'too sensitive' when you find your rape disagreeable.. A system that will brand your child with a serial number on your way out the door, as they have you sign a piece of paper agreeing to pay whatever amount of the $10,000 - $30,000 hospital bill your insurance does not pay.. I mean, how can you put a price on a 'complication free' birth, right? Oh and don't worry, you'll be able to write it off on your taxes... And that, my friends... is Birthing in America!
-Are Ultrasounds Causing Autism: http://www.thedailybeast.com/witw/articles/2013/04/29/are-ultrasounds-causing-autism-in-unborn-babies.html -Autism and Induced Labor: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/autism-and-induced-labor/ -Harm and Physical Effect of Circumcision: http://www.circinfo.org/Warren.html -There are now a multitude of studies that show that mothers and babies should be together, skin to skin (baby naked, not wrapped in a blanket) immediately after birth, as well as later: http://www.nbci.ca/index.php?option=com_content&id=82:the-importance-of-skin-to-skin-contact-&Itemid=17

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Things I Like!!

So.. I've been writing a long time. I don't keep it that clinical nor do I claim to have answers to anything... more questions and more trying and wanting, waiting, willing... and faith of course! This is a post about the things that I like... No biggie, just a little of this and a little of that... Please feel free to read and enjoy!!!
1) Plants: African Violets and many many other plants work as natural air purifiers... many toxins in our air are not large enough to be picked up by filters. And why spend the money on a machine when you can bring into your home good chi, feng shui.. and a lot that jazz with a plant?? Put 'em outside, put 'em in the house and feel better. FYI, Lavendar, Gardenia and Jasmine offer aromatherapy that helps with sleep. Here's a couple references but you can find many with a quick google... 26 healthy houseplants from A to Z: http://www.hellawella.com/26-healthy-houseplants-from-a-to-z/6911 Plant therapy/ Plants that help you sleep: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/plants-that-help-you-get-a-goo-123256
2) Himalyan Salt and Himalyan Salt Candles: Himalyan Salt is a natural source of 84 different minerals. It is a pink salt from the Himalyan Moutains, that can be used to add flavor to your food. (Salt's been given a bad rap.. don't believe the hype: http://www.naturalnews.com/028724_Himalayan_salt_sea.html). Most conventional store bought salts have had iodine added. Sea vegetables are a good natural source of that instead. I sprinkle some dried Dulse or Kelp over food for that reason.
Himalyan can be made into a candle or lamp to further purify and ionize the air in your home. I prefer candles.. I'm a fan of decreasing the use of electricity in particular dirty electricity and EMF exposure but that's a whole nutha' blog post.. a very big problem, that deserves more attention than I can give it on this post here.
3) Ghee: When we first found out that we'd have to remove dairy from my son's diet, I had no idea how to replace it. It took years to discover the right types of oils for what temperatures etc etc... and one of the first I learned about was ghee or clarified butter. It is from dairy but has none of the aspects of it that are allergens, ie. casein protein and lactose. In fact it can be less allergenic than coconut oil which is great.. don't get me wrong... but being from a tree nut makes it a high allergen risk. Ghee is extremely stable, taste great, can take any heat level and has many health benefits. In Ayurvedic medicine it is well regarded for medicinal properties. In many Indian Cultures it is given to babies and children to improve their immune systems. This one here in the photo is from Pure Indian Foods: http://www.pureindianfoods.com/ and it's cultured ghee from grassfed, pasture raised cows.. which just adds a little more bang for your buck. Probably the healthiest version of this product I've found.. and of course super tasty.
4) Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is a succulent that you can grow at home whether you live in an apartment or house. It can be big or small, inside or out. If you keep it inside it's another air purifier but either way, it has medicinal properties. Use it on burns, especially sunburns and other ouchies and it will reduce pain, inflammation and help the healing process. I also like George's active aloe to take internally. It helps keep my son's belly distention down and he drinks it because it tastes like water. I swear.. it really does taste like water.. it's not sweetened, it's not bitter and it's mild. Other family members and friends have adopted it for this reason and claim to take it daily for regularity. Some claim that because George's is fractionally distilled the nutritional benefits of aloe have been stripped; however, in my experience it gets the job done well.
5) Chia / Flax seeds: I like both chia and flax especially as egg replacers. My son has a mild allergy to eggs, so for years I've found various ways to replace eggs when baking but this one works the best. See here: Chia Egg & Flax Egg Replacer Ingredients 1 tablespoon CHIA MEAL or FLAX MEAL (seeds that have been ground) 3 tablespoons WATER Instructions Whisk meal and water together and let stand 5-10 minutes until thick, gelatinous and gloppy. Use in baking as you would one egg. Reference: http://www.lexieskitchen.com/lexies_kitchen/2012/10/2/how-to-make-a-chia-egg-or-flax-egg.html As I mentioned it can be used as an egg replacer in many recipes for allergies or for your vegan friends. It works great and adds a healthy amount of plant based omegas to your diet. It also does what aloe does and cleans out the you know what.... If you use it in cooking you will lose most of the omega benefit but the fiber is still present and it helps with regularity. If you use it in a smoothie or cold food, you can retain the omegas. Some say, it must be milled to release the nutritional benefits but I don't know if that's true. However, it definitely must be milled if you're using it as an egg replacer. I also prefer it to be sprouted for easier digestion. See here: http://www.sunfood.com/chia-seed-powder-sprouted-cold-milled-16-oz-1lb-natural-traditions-certified-organic-raw.html
6) Dandelions: I don't know exactly why but I do love these pretty little weeds. A few months ago, I couldn't open my computer without an article or essay about the health benefits of dandelions popping up. It got to the point where I had to go out and get some dandelions just cause the universe demanded of it.. Anyway, dandelion greens, teas or herbal supplements can be used to clean kidneys and liver. It's even being researched for it's use as a cancer treatment. I really like this one blog Blissville Living: http://blissvilleliving.resetyourways.com/2012/04/dandelion-violet-lemonade.html and she gives a cleansing recipe for a dandelion / violet lemonade. This gave me the idea to start making the kids popsicyles with some sort of lemonade or juice and adding a medicinal herb such as: dandelions, hibiscus, chamomile or whatever cool stuff I have lying around.
7) Nature: Everyone knows that getting out and about in nature is calming. If you've ever experienced it, you know this fact and don't need anyone to tell you but we all need a reminder from time to time. So many of our children on the autistic spectrum are hyperactive, disregulated and on edge... (actually, we're all like that these days)! Quite frankly our therapy schedules bog them down and don't allow them enough peace. Getting into nature can restore that, at least for a while. And as far as the plant thing goes.. remember the air is better when surrounded by plants.. it's cleaner and you receive more oxygen to the body.. Of course there's that pesky EMF(electromagnetic frequencies or electrosmog) thing that you get some relief from as well. EMFs are a major problem in our urban living. Again, this deserves more attention than I'm going to get into in this tiny blog post but I cannot overstate how much damage this is doing to our health and spiritual well being. All of this amazing technology has come with a high price and it behooves us to get away from it when possible. Here's one reference, should you decide to go down this rabbit hole but there are several: http://guineapigsrus.org/index.html 8) Water: The first filter we bought was a reverse osmosis hook up to our sink, it took forever to install and when we got it in the water came out a snail's pace.. I immediately returned it in exchange for a Berkey and I'm glad. It removes all the stuff other filters do, plus you can add a filter that rids arsenic and fluoride. It tastes soft and clean.. the filters last a good long time and they don't require electricity or any hook up. You just pour the water from your faucet into the system and voila.. clean drinking water. I quickly taught my son Aydan, how to get a glass and pour himself a cup, instead of dipping his head over the faucet like he used to do... oy vey... But aside from drinking water.. water is just grand. It's important to get out into nature as I previously mentioned but something about water, the message, the memory, the feeling, the sensory sensation that heals... it's not ideal to go into a chlorinated swimming pool and I'm probably gonna get some flack for saying this but if you are stuck in the city on a hot day and can't get out, jump in the pool. There is something about water, especially for my son Aydan that makes him feel right with himself. I tried for years to teach my son how to swim.. 'do this Aydan, arm over head.. etc etc..' he would get so excited in the water he never paid me one bit of mind during my, 'do this..' attempt. One day though, he jumped into the 8 feet and popped back up and swam across the pool. He taught himself. It isn't pretty but he gets across without drowning and that's huge.
The beach is most ideal as it is a full buffet of sensory experience. Sound, wind, sand, water, movement.. it's all there. One of the bests days in recent memory was when me and my two boys participated in AWOW (A Walk on Water: http://awalkonwater.com/)'s free one day, surf camp for special needs kids. Unlike most special needs camps, they allowed my neuro-typical son, Avery to participate as well. Avery always claims to dislike the beach but not this day.. this day was a surf day. Surfer's are definitely on a higher plane than the rest of us.. they experience being a part of something that is so much bigger than ourselves. The ocean has a way of humbling you, frightening you and making you love it all at once. Both kids were hooked instantly and couldn't get enough. This day was one of those times that can only be described as 'magic'... pure magic! I know the water is polluted and public pools have toxins, etc etc.. so don't drink the water, wash off immediately afterwards and remember that healing is more than the absence of toxicity.. it's more than adding this expensive supplement.. it's more than dietary restrictions.. it's more than the number of services you can accumulate... Everything in this universe has an energy and a frequency... And no, that's not some hippi, hookie dookie, psuedo science remark.. it's any easily provable fact that everyone is aware of on some level. And lifting your spirits, giving yourself energy, raising your frequency are all an important part of the healing process. Believing in magic and taking time to experience it once in a while is a powerful form of medicine! So that's it.. that's my list. Of course there are many things I like that aren't listed.. love for example. Another powerful form of magic in and of itself but again, deserving of more attention than this little post. If you notice, the things that I like aren't big expensive products or massive invasive protocols. Truth be told, I haven't found any of that particularly or extremely helpful... Aydan has been a non-responder to most DAN / MAPs type stuff and it's really been simple every day changes that make a difference. Sometimes the changes are very subtle but I know they are real when I feel them too. I know plants make me feel good, I know being in water and drinking it when it's clean makes me feel good, I know nature makes me feel good and if I feel this way, I can safely assume I'm not alone. P.S. I'm not being paid by any of the above mentioned companies.. at present (hint hint)... I wish... Nothing other than good karma, that is.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Everybody want's some.. I want some too!

We've been doing bio-medical intervention with my boy, Aydan since the beginning. Upon learning of his autism diagnosis, I never hesitated to consider it. People will often ask me "..yeah but does that stuff work?" My answer is something like this, "switching from Wonder bread to organic gluten, yeast free Food for Life bread will hurt nothing but your pocket book.. and don't you function better when you're healthy?" I'm very open to exploring the options of bio-medical interventions but there are a lot of snake oil salesmans out there, so I research quite a bit. The main thing I look for is that it be established, logical and safe.. AND if it's not approved by the FDA.. that's even better. If it is potentially harmful or seemingly ridiculous, we move onto the next thing... There's no shortage of new things to try.. try.. and try again.. The only problem is, it's pretty much NEVER within our family's means. The high costs of organic, gluten free, soy free, egg free, dairy free, uncured, dye-free, all natural, sans pesticides, sans GMO, sans money to pay for it.. Get my drift? And the other hard part is.. it isn't a cure. It's not! I've heard stories of non-verbal children talking within 3 days after beginning a Gluten free, Casein free diet but I have also heard of people who win the lottery... I have NEVER met any of these people. I have NEVER met someone who cured or recovered their child's autism with one simple thing. It is always a myriad of therapies.. generally both traditional and non.. done over several years and we have done a lot of them over the past 4. I won't say all by a long shot but A LOT.. What.. you might ask? Oy vey.. Here she blows.. DAN protocol, chelation therapy, gluthathione, DMSA, Vitamin Therapy (list way too long), AIT (Auditory Integration Training), RDI (Relationship Development Intervention), ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis), DIR (Floortime), Hanen Language program, Speech therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physical therapy, Special Day school, Intensive autism class, (we've had to sue the school incurring immense legal fees to get many of these by the way).. Uhm.. where was I? Oh.. right.. Vision therapy, Music Therapy, Hippo (horse) therapy, Mastgotova, Quigong Sensory Training, Chiropractics, HANDLE, CEASE therapy, Miller Method.. Am I forgetting anything? Oh yeah.. the diet, SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), GF/CF/SY (Gluten, Casein/dairy, Soy free), Candida diet.. Oh that's right.. also Anti-fungal treatment.. wait I may not be finished with the diet stuff but I haven't a lifetime to write this essay so let's move on. Anti-fungals? Yes.. let's talk about yeast, Extreme high dose pro-biotics, fermented foods, garlic, oil of oregano.. Uhm... other stuff.. And then LOTS of other stuff and at one point I think we did Nystatin and Difulcan until we just kept it au naturale. What am I forgetting? B-12 injections? Yeah, those too. So whatever.. I'm exhausted. Some of it has made some positive changes, some of it we couldn't afford long enough to tell, and some others will have to try again.. But there's never a shortage of recovery stories and as long as there out there, I have the energy to try again.. Not necessarily the money.. and not necessarily the energy either to be honest but I do it anyway. To answer the question once again, does any of it work? Well, yes some works for some.. and we'll keep looking until we find that some. I definitely want some.. don't we all? So what's this essay about? Right.. Biofilm protocol. Our DAN performs the Biofilm Protocol as follows: The following supplements should be rotated every 3-4 weeks. Start with the Microbial Maintenance. - Microbial Maintenance Plus Artemisinin capsules: 2 capsules daily, may take 1 capsule twice daily $71.20 - NutriBiotic GSE (Grapefruit Seed Extract Liquid): 1-6 drops by mouth once to twice daily (best tolerated when taken in water or juice). $9.99 - Biocidin soft gels: start with 1 soft gel daily and increase to 2 soft gel daily as tolerated. $48.95 - Pharmax Caprylate Complex: 1 capsule 3 times daily $18.54 So those little numbers after the words are monies.. monies we don't have because of everything else. Can't I get a job? I wish.. God please don't strike me down for being ungrateful. I'm not ungrateful.. I'm really not.. I just need more money. God you never told me life was so expensive. How do people live off the grid with no money these days? Does that still exist? If so, please write me and tell me how as I'm desperately looking for a way out of this mess. Until then.. if you could please help (if you can), we would be very appreciative and God will hold a seat for you in heaven.. I can't confirm that but let's hope, right? We are raising funds for Aydan's Bio-film Protocol!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Living in Denial.. I think!

I have come to realize that I am living in denial.. maybe. I accept.. I accept that life isn't fair.. Well, no I don't! I want to.. Well, no I don't! I want it to be fair.. It isn't! I understand it isn't fair but to understand, is not the same as acceptance. Life?? If it is not fair, then what is it?? For me, it is painful, it is difficult, it is challenging, it is full of love and joy. It isn't hard to find traits within my son to love... his face, his smile, his dimple, his laugh, his hug, his touch, his eyes when they are fixed on mine, the look of anticipation when I'm about to read the part in Where The Wild Things Are when the wild things ROAR their terrible roars.. his being.. his soul is the very light and energy that love itself revolves around. He held this light before his vaccine injury and since it has remained. So why am I not satisfied? But I am.. I am satisfied with the light.. the being.. the soul.. but I want more. I want the person.. the TRUE person within to emerge. Who are you Aydan? What do you like.. what do you see.. why does the grass feel good (or seem to feel good) on your bare feet? What is in your heart? Who are you? I have never entertained the notion of perfection. If I had a perfect child, why would he want me as a mother? I resent the notion that by wanting to know my son.. wanting him for who he is.. who he is really.. who he was before vaccines.. who he was meant to be... is an effort to make a robo-Aydan. As if I wouldn't be completely happy with a nerd, geek, pierced Emo.. I could care less about perfect or normal or whatever societal idea of perfect is.. and I know what you're thinking.. but no.. this isn't denial. So, how am I in denial? I deny that this maybe the way things will always be. I deny that he may always need someone to help him, I deny that he may never have a friend.. I denied it at age 3, because "he was only 3".. I denied it at age 4 because "he was only 4".. I denied it at age 5, because "he was only 5"... Age 6... Age 7... Age 16? I deny that I will die.. I deny that I will leave this world without knowing he's taken care of.. I deny I will leave this world without knowing he's free from this prison, in which he lives.. I deny son, that when I'm gone there will be no one on this Earth to value you.. as I do! Tell me son.. What do you like? What do you want? Who do you want to be when you grow up? What does your voice sound like? How does a lemon smell to you? Will I ever know? Will I remain in denial, that I may not? Can I accept that? Will I? If I say "yes", does that seal your fate? If I say "no" does that mean I cling to tight? I've heard stories in my life of couples with grave difficulty conceiving a child.. for years they try.. they long.. they prayer... spend thousands, sometimes millions of dollars in hopes that they will bare a child. Then one day, they accept they will not.. they weep, they move on.. they decide to adopt and... poof... they are pregnant. How does that happen? Will I ever let go without a hidden agenda that like the couple... poof.. you will come back to me? Today.. Aydan.. you are 7.. someday son, you will be 16 but today you are 7 and we have work to do! This week in autism recovery looks like this: 1. Call the lawyer to get status on due process case with school 2. Continue with CEASE therapy, order remedies for new clears 3. Daily Aloe, Zinc, Vitamin C, Omegas, Whole food supplements 4. Order the Urine Toxic Elements Test 5. Massage on Wednesdays and Sundays 6. Epsom Salt bath nightly 7. No more eating with fingers 8. Resume walking everyday, preferably nature hikes 9. PRAYER Prayer.. I prayer for you.. I prayer for us.. I ask the God within us both to have the strength to rise to whatever this violent, unfair, joyous life has in store for us.. I cannot deny.. I cannot let go.. Is that denial a false sense of hope? Is that asking too much? Forget it.. forget it!! I want it.. I want you Aydan.. I want to know you.. I wanted it when you were in my belly.. I wanted it when the vaccine took you away.. I wanted it at 3.. I want it at 7.. and I imagine I will want it at 16.. at 65.. that is if you have not returned to me yet.. cause afterall, I'm not dying.

Friday, May 4, 2012

I want to help a family with autism but Autism Speaks sucks!! Now what?

Those of us in the Autism community are a bit worn about by the super giant blue monster known as Autism Speaks who somehow believes that by selling blue, mercury filled, CFL light bulbs will provide enough "awareness" to the public that it will cure autism. They've also made it clear that they have no intention of finding a cause by repeatedly ignoring the connection to autism and vaccines, while simultaneously teaming up with major pharmaceutical companies to find some sort of "cure" in a pill. To make matters worse, the Autism Society of America has been on another "awareness" campaign after the CDC's new conservative 1 in 88 children diagnosed with autism, touting their pharma friendly slogan.. '1 in 88 children "born" with autism'. Born? Please.. The fact is most regress between the ages of 18 months and 3 years, (give or take), the oldest I knew of was 8 years old... Yeah, I know.. does it get more horrible than that? Sadly it does. But some people still believe that vaccines don't cause autism and they're right.. except when they do. Not to say that vaccines are the only cause but the genetics argument has yet to pass the pepsi challenge. Still, I'm not trying to get into all that today. A lot of people want to know how to help families affected by autism and it's so hard to know where to begin when so many of these major orgs are huge sell outs. I always like to say, that if you want to help a family with autism the best way is.. to help a family with autism. There's no shortage.. sadly, so we aren't too hard to find. We need a lot of support, advocacy, understanding, kindness and we're broke broke broke.. not an exaggeration. Couples who have children with autism and seperate are left with an increased financial burden and even if the couple stays together it's nearly impossible for both parties to work full time jobs which in our indentured servitude makes it overwhelmingly difficult to make ends meet. Here's a brief run down of just some of the.. eh hem.. "hypothetical" extra expenses: $5000 a year on vitamin/mineral supplements, $1200-$2500 a year for homeopathic treament (consult only), $1200 per year for homeopathic remedies, $2500 a year for DAN doctor consults, $10,000 a year on additional non-covered autism therapies (that is if you're not paying for ABA treatment, otherwise it would be around $50,000); some families need to pay an attorney or legal advocate to help them deal with the school districts in order to insure appropriate treamtents for their child. These legal fees could run around $375 per hour, approximately $20,000 per lawsuit. So what do I have so far??? Conservatively it could be around $16,200.. but more realistically approximately $35,000; however, I've also heard as much as $100,000. And none of this includes the additional cost of water and/or air filters, improvements to home to address childs needs, additional food costs for nutritional senstivities and/or allergies, listening therapies or auditory training, brain gym, handwriting programs and on and on and on... Yeah.. and there's more. Having said all of the above, there are several NPO /Non-Profit organizations locally and nationally that are also more than worthy of your time and money. Some of which are tax deductible and I know none of us are among the 1 percent and need all the help we can get. I have my favorites which I'd like to share with all of you and no.. I'm not being paid to do so. First it depends on what you're interested in.. Is it prevention, research, education or organizations that provide direct service to families? You can find a lot of groups locally that probably do that, often colleges give low to no cost therapies and need money to pay the therapist, provide equipment and offer family scholarships. But just because I feel like it, here's my list of favs: Prevention: Groups interested in prevention are going to provide education, information and research on vaccines.. sorry if you still have your head in the clouds.. but thems the facts. -VaxTruth has excellent articles, provides education and empowers family by teaching them their rights regarding vaccine mandates and exemptions. Vaxtruth needs funding for it's billboard campaign across the country that reads "NO SHOTS, NO SCHOOL, NOT TRUE.." Genius! http://vaxtruth.org/ -Vaccine Resistance Movement provides information to help awaken the masses to their "inherent power" in the words of it's founder. It is also working on a worldwide autism study. For more information on that or VRM: http://study.vaccineresistancemovement.org/ -Vactruth has great articles and information. They provide free ebooks to those interested in learning more about what's in a vaccine. http://vactruth.com/ Biomedical intervention: I've talked to people in the health freedom movement who are often confused by this term. Those in the autism community; however, know exactly what it means. Autism is still given a very archaic diagnosis as a mental disorder and is not considered biological in anyway. When parent's of children say they are using "biomedical intervention" that does not generally mean mainstream medicine. It usually means they are working with a DAN or Defeat Autism Now practitioner who can be any type of doctor with spefic training to help work on the myriad of health problems associated with autism. Those include but are certainly not limited to yeast overgrowth/candida, gut dysbosis, inflammation, encephalitis, Lyme's disease, Heavy metal toxicity, nutritional deficiences, allergies, asthma, seizures.. etc etc.. Here's some organizations that I know from either personal experience or the experience of a friend that actually DO provide funding to families to pay for these types of interventions. -TACA / Talk About Curing Autism: TACA should go into the hall of fame of best autism organization of all times. It really should be in more than one category as it provides information, advocacy, recipes, tax information, local support groups, mentor programs.. the list goes on and on and on.. If you're newly diagnosed you will find that this is the best and possibly the only website you'll ever need to go to. TACA also provides scholarship programs to family's in need of assistance as well as those interested in seeing a DAN doctor. Definitely check it out, there's No one.. NO ONE.. like TACA. http://www.tacanow.org/ These other 3 are also very good, trusthworthy organizations that provide funding for biomedical programs to families in need. Generation Rescue and NAA are also big on advovacy and education. -Generation Rescue: http://www.generationrescue.org/ -National Autism Association: http://nationalautismassociation.org/ -ACT Today: http://act-today.org/ My Personal Favorite (Local Only) Organizations: -Pause4Kids: This group is very small and provides education and advocacy to families who need to understand special education laws. They give a montly support group, workshops and provide scholarships to fund a variety of requested therapies that might not be available through other funding sources. http://pause4kids.org/ -CSUN Music Therapy Program: Provides low cost music therapy and instruction to people with special needs by certified music therapists. In addition they offer scholarships to families in need making costs little to nothing. http://csunmusictherapy.org/index.htm -Ride On: This non-profit provides hippo (Greek for horse) therapy and therapeutic riding lessons for people with special needs. Like music therapy this is one of the oldest forms of therapeutic treamtent for the disabled. Horses were the original wheelchair and despite this fact both of these therapies are considered to be "alternative" and therefore are rarely funded by insurance companies, schools or other government funded programs. Keeping horses and staff to maintain horses is expensive but for many this intervention can provide tremendous relief. Through donations and fundraisers, Ride-on offers scholarships to familes for this invaluable but rather costly intervention. Parents, family members and older children can also volunteer their services in exchange for riding lessons and/or therapies. http://rideon.org/ Other Worthwhile Organizations: -Surfer's Healing: Surfer's healing is just great. They give people with autism regardless of ability or function level a free one day surf camp. Those who have participated in this often describe it as indescribably meaningful. If you watch the videos of these kids and don't get wet in the eye, I fear you are made of stone. http://surfershealing.org/ -Best Day Foundation: Like Surfer's healing this group provides people with special needs a free one day camp that involves water sports such as surfing, kayaking and boogie boarding. They also do a snow day given the time of year. http://www.bestdayfoundation.org/ Now.. I gotta say this felt good to write. It's not often that you get to express your gratitude to those who truely deserve it. Autism is a difficult road to travel, I don't care what anyone says.. It's hard. If it takes a village to raise a child than it takes a small country to raise a child with autism and most of us feel we are isolated and alone. This can sometimes be true.. though not entirely. There are people who care and really do want to help. It's important to thoroughly investigate the Non-profits you choose to invest into as many unfortunately are not exactly what they claim. One day I'll write a well researched long note about the corruption and otherwise bullshit that many.. okay probably most major non-profits are filled with but today I want to end on a positive. There are plenty of good guys out there, we just need to look for them. -http://www.ageofautism.com/2012/04/autism-society-of-america-billboard.html -http://vactruth.com/2011/06/17/83-reasons-to-question-autism-speaks-for-hiring-big-pharma-scientist/ Posted on Steemit 3/5/2018: https://steemit.com/autism/@aydansrecovery/i-want-to-help-a-family-with-autism-but-autism-speaks-sucks-now-what